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2020年 3月 15日 【Be selfish to pursue your dreams】

Hello Everyone!

Some said that my weblog has demoralizing effort on you to read the whole because they are always written in English unlike the others’ one written in Japanese.I was discouraged to hear that but I’m going on this style till I graduate here because I love English and the foreign countries as well.I cannot figure out why I have got to adjust myself to others but at the same time, for I also want you to receive my messages,I’m sure to write my weblog with the easier vocabularies as possible today.So please read all !

I’m just writing this weblog from Cebu island now.This is the second time to come here to Manila Philippines, so I had experienced almost all things such as filipino food, some typical vehicles like a jeepney or a tricycle and famous places like a traditional church or a world heritage.Therefore I’d not so excited first, but actually I feel that this trip is the funnest one of the experiences abroad though I’ve visited foreign countries 6 times (including this trip).I don’t know why I can think so surely but I guess that it’s because of the biggest difference from the other 5.Exactly, that is my company of this vacation, Shu Nishimura, also the staff member of the Toshin High School in Tsudanuma.Although he cannot speak English or Tagalog well and doesn’t have idea about the Philippines at all, either, but thanks to him, I’m just enjoying everything here as I come to feel I do not wanna go back to Japan.We visited many places with my friend living in Manila(who I’ve seen each other since the study in San Francisco.The girl you may see on my past weblog.)I’ll show you some photos(The following ones).

Too many pictures are saved to show you all…Sorry po!If you wanna check our pictures out, please ask us to show them!Any time will do !(Just as to me!)


Either way, what I wanna tell you today is just here.

“Be selfish to pursue your dreams without minding others.”

I wanna claim my two opinions with the quoted passage today.Firstly, You don’t have to care about others’ eyes(within observing law or common sense).When you set a high goal for yourself such as getting the highest score on the periodical exams or entering the first-choice university, some may perhaps laugh at you and may say “It’s difficult for you to realize what you wanna do.” “You had better lower your sights because you must fail, there are no possibilities to achieve it.But now, stop to think temporarily!Those who say like that is showing off the thoughts just on their own experiences, exactly not yours but theirs!You needn’t follow them because you are not them, having lived differently from them since you were born.You are the only one.That is that!There is no place for dissenting claims getting in!Don’t let go of your dreams!Go your own way, believing in just only yourself!!Secondly, “making efforts is just it.Unfortunately, the efforts without consequences is actually never evaluated.For example, at the time of  the race on which the faster one is the winner, one supposing that just making efforts the key to win the race might take a bicycle leaned on the near wall and pedaling hard.On the other hand, the other person who can think of how he get to the goal fast and effectively may get a driver’s license for scooters the following day, sparing one week, though the other one is just going ahead, and start going too late.However, the latter one have to only twisting the throttle without sweating though the former one is just pedaling with a lot of sweats at the same time.As a result, the latter gets to the finish line ahead without any troubles though the start was behind the other.I wanna tell you from this instance that doing something blindly is just sweating.It’s the most important to work the strategies beforehand even if it makes you start late.


Thank you po!

(“po” means exactly “polite”, this is the Tagalog of the Philippines😉)


Who is in charge tomorrow

Nano Nonaka


She is almost always positive and active.

(though she sometimes so black as I’m surprised👿)

On top of that,

I can always figure out where she is in no time so that she has a loud voice.

Look forward to the weblog tomorrow, too!