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2019年 10月 2日 【Not for money】




I wanna talk about a trivial event happening recently before getting to the main topic of today.This occurred on my way home from my Univ..I got on Keio line at Meidaimae st. and won a seat fortunately.Then I began glancing over messages on LINE as I usually do.Exactly at the moment that the train stopped at the next station, the strange event I wanna share with you suddenly broke out.The inside of the train became filled with “Red” and “Yellow” in a flash and fluent English reached my ears from every direction.

Yes, as you know,

2019 Rugby World Cup

(the game was between Australia and Wales

was held on that day and I was surrounded by those enthusiastic supporters wearing red or yellow uniforms respectively.I got sandwiched between them talking about the game with their loud voices, of course all in English.I felt as if I had been in New York city Subway then, for it’s unusual for people to speak loudly.I became also excited not to watch the game but to share the atmosphere.



I’ll switch to today’s main theme,

which is about “担任助手Comrades“.

First of all, not so much money do we earn from this job.In other words, I won’t recommend this to those who are longing for making much money as a part-timer.If you are one of them, you’d better search for another place to work such as restaurants or Japanese Izakaya.I don’t know what you think ,we really have little money, as to me, I’m almost always so poor as to hesitate to have a Japanese noodle for lunch.This might not be true of everyone here, I guess it’s the same.

I know what you wanna say after reading this.You must ask me why I’m working here.Here is exactly what I wanna tell you today.

The biggest reason is in the point that 

“I can make use of my experiences including the success as well as failure as a student like you.”

I think in case of general jobs, we have to be showed how to work for the place from head to toe and we can hardly use what we have already.However, as far as this special job is concerned, we can take advantage of our experiences as powerful arms.Indeed, we must learn many things here to offer a good place for you to concentrate on your own study, but the most important thing to work here is exactly our experiences for which won’t be substituted by AI or Robots.Therefore we always give you many pieces of advice from them.I mean we keep it in mind to show you many alternatives and objective perspectives as possible, so you can pick out what you wanna adopt among them.

Finally, this work is full of rewarding things, becoming confident. Although you might not notice, I always feel glad whenever you depend on me to ask questions on English.As you know, I love English,I wish I could marry English.I have to appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to face such an English.You can use me whenever you need.I’m always open to you all.

Let’s !!


Who is in charge tomorrow…??

Mr. Komoda 



He is one of the staffs

to whom I wanna talk more.

I’ll invite him to dinner someday.


Thanks for reading.

See you next month