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2019年 9月 3日 【Without haste】

Hello Everyone!!

How was your last August?

I wonder most of you might mention the last mock exams.Many students already told me their results of it while some of them was disappointed to check the result forms out.These days,I often see some depressed or flustered as the days of their actual exams draws near(センター試験 is gonna be held within only 129days).I know your feelings to some extent, for I’ve experienced the entrance exam study twice because of the failure of my entrance exams in 2018.I was also scared and really thought I might fail to pass it again and then I have got to work as a person with a high school education.I sometimes made a fruitless effort because of the fear such as studying what I was good at or already mastered, for it was easy to tackle.Considering such an experience,I may alleviate your dread and let you run this around 5 months through with the following phrase.

“For one swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day; and so too one day, or a short time, does not make a man blessed and happy.”

presented by Aristotle, who is one of the greatest men of ancient Athenian philosophers.

To my understanding, this means that there is no point doing something in haste, if so, we’d better implement what we should do consistently.I agree to what he said, we cannot be given extra time to prepare for our exams even if we get scared of them, assuming that’s the case, we should rather spend the time to study harder without minding.

Being insensitive might be the key for the success in the exams?.


By the way, I have to thank you Mr.Kanamori for my good introduction on his weblog yesterday.If you don’t know what I’m referring, you’d better read his weblog ahead.

As he said, I have no trouble with girlfriends in foreign countries as well as here in Japan.

Now, may I spend some time to introduce my girlfriend?

First of all, she is not Japanese?? but Filipino??.We met each other in America last year firstly.Although some might not know that I stayed in America for around a month last summer to work as the member of Lions club which is one of the famous volunteer organizations, we both got close while working together.

Here are the pictures.

However, you know, we cannot see directly so much because we live in different countries respectively though we’ve often chatted on Skype.But, fortunately, I got an opportunity to meet her in the Philippines this August.I stayed there for 3 weeks and I enjoyed everything with her.She showed me around Manila and Tanay.

I’ll show you the pictures.


Yes, I was excited.But, I don’t just tend to show my girlfriend off.As I always say consistently, I wanna tell you again that studying another language in particular English will broaden our boarders.As one of the profits, I can say”the ability of speaking English lets you get a foreign girlfriend”.

Though this is not the main profit, I hope this weblog encourages you to master English and travel abroad✈️.



Who is in charge tomorrow…?

Mr.Tomu Hosoki


He is one of the staffs to whom I wanna talk more.

Don’t miss his weblog tomorrow!