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2019年 11月 29日 【Be confident】


Only a month left this year?I’ve been coming to feel that  time flies so fast as I get older and older.Looking back on this year, the first year as a fresh man of Meiji univ., though there were so many things I wanted to do that I never got around to, I’m quite satisfied, for I visited the Philippines for the first time or I became friends with new class mates, my own club members as well as many influencers whom I met abroad, of course including the staffs of Toshin high school.All people around me have a great effect on how I suppose, what I do. I’ll also expand my own network next year, cherishing and appreciating them.

<A pausing talk>

I’ll talk about an embarrassing event which happened on my way home in the Sobu line today.I got on the train followed by a mother with her mischievous kid of some 4 years old.The moment I got inside, I found 2 seats available.Then I was exhausted and there was few people insides, so I headed one of the vacant seat.The kid also ran to the other  one.The scene as if we had competed with each other to win our own seats might look funny.After we got the seats respectively, his mother said to the kid strongly “What are you doing!?You don’t have to use a seat and have to give up your seat to another person in need because we will get off at the next station!!”Then I came out in cold sweat, for I’m getting off at the same station as them and this means what the mother said to her kid applied to me as well.While my cheeks were burning with shame, the train arrived at the station.They got off, but as to me,,,.I found myself keeping seated despite the train starting to leave for the next station.After all,I left the train and took another one to go back home…I selected not time but my pride?.

By the way, I’ll give you these phrases today.

To assume that there is a wall which must be broken by one hundred punches, but  ordinary people often give it up halfway though they already punched ninety-nine times because they have no idea how many times they have to punch to break the wall.

—Shuzo Matsuoka(this phrase is translated into plain English by me, this means he said this in Japanese.)

Now, there has few days toward the entrance exams, so  some might be nervous or scared and the feelings interrupt your studies, what is worst, letting you give your first choice up.Indeed you cannot see the results of your studies only after all of them are over, but I think it’s important to go on studying without minding to make your dreams come true.It’s bad to give it up without tackling because of the dread.


Who is in charge tomorrow…



He is one of the staffs whom I wanna eat out with .

I’m sure to make time to invite for a meal soon.

Look forward to his weblog tomorrow!!